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Teaspoon Calendar and Thirty-one Every-days

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

For Spoon Calendar (1st image) I bought 31 teaspoons to use each day throughout December and collate. The spoons left with the marks from the tea bags and heat were like small abstract paintings.

I had thought of making a free-standing sculpture with the spoons in a spiral form or, tying them to a board with ties made from wire in various knots. The knots representing the fact that I am tied to repeating the same tasks daily, the variance in knot form showing slight variation of each day.

However, when it came to finalising this, the knots were not going to work as they would not hold the spoons as I wanted. I decided to staple them to a wooden board I cut and painted white. I had originally thought of attaching them to a board similar in tone to my kitchen worktop, however through photographing them I decided that I preferred white, as it allowed focus better on the teaspoons. I arranged them in the same form of my December calendar.

I then took this further in Thirty-one Every-days (2nd image) by taking square sections from the spoon images and presenting them in a grid form also like a calendar.

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